Saturday, December 26, 2020

Let's Talk Kwanzaa with Char Johnson

Char Johnson
Imagine being told as a child there is no history or cultural practice of Christmas associated with your heritage. Better yet, how would you look at the holiday you have celebrated your entire life when someone comes along "with proof" that Christmas isn’t at all what you believe it to be. ‘When You Know Better’ it’s your obligation to ‘Do Better’.

December 26, 2020 I experienced my first Kwanzaa Celebration. As I researched and studied the history, I couldn’t wait to share the knowledge. Excited and filled with joy, all I could think about is how I wanted to share with the world about ‘My Black is Beautiful’ culture and heritage. 

Immediately I recorded Twelve Days of Knowledge (a podcast series on Anchor. FM) and uploaded them to my ‘Priceless Therapy’  and then I recorded a video with Mecca Media Entertainment with a visual version. Even though I was not successful with pronouncing The Seven Principles or the founder (Dr. Karenga) correctly, I enjoyed every bit of sharing the knowledge I didn’t get from college or from the American History Lessons. Celebrating my culture and heritage and to be able to teach my family is the greatest gift given to me this season! And don't forget to check out my quick video posted at the bottom of this article

-Char Johnson

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