Wednesday, August 25, 2021

What Is A Woman's Place in A Relationship


Char Johnson

It's Time to to Step into Season 9 of 'Priceless Therapy' with Let’s Talk Char. Session 98 is the introduction of the Lady Degree Series. Women engage in many discussions via social media and podcast about relationships or about not having a good mate. Today's podcast points out one of the reasons relationships are not successful.

Priceless Therapy Podcast is how Char detox from everyday situations without sitting on a couch talking with a Therapist. Sessions are recorded when subject matters are on Char's mind while on her way to or from work. Char also gives responses and advice from emails, comments left on anchor messages, opinions on social media disappointments, and clap backs from comments on her social media. Enjoy Let's Talk Char's Therapy Sessions in a entertaining and relatable way.