Monday, May 11, 2020

Priceless Therapy - Love Thy Self

Char Johnson

When You Know Better
Even it makes others uncomfortable, I will love who I am” - Janelle Monae 

Let’s Talk About It

Growing up as a foster child, I strived for acceptance. Pre-teen to my young adult life I searched for my place in society. Not having one set of values imprinted within, I experienced many different sets of values and outlooks of being an African living in America. My Black is Beautiful community introduced me to Pimps, Players, Hustlers, Bible Thumpers, and a disturbing version of Peeking out the window European Family Life.  

Confusion of my natural and true heritage as an African living in America led me to make some poor decisions that may haunt me until I leave this earth. I can recall as I write this blog about the time in my young adult life where I indulged in the Dope Boy Girlfriend’s Lifestyle. As I reflect back on the shoot out I walked into; my purpose to this day of existence is to lead and educate the generation after me to embrace ‘My Black is Beautiful’ heritage and apply it towards greatness and wealth for the next generation.

Do Better
This is Not Reality TV…….This is Not Reality Radio…….This Is Reality

Many of ‘My Black is Beautiful’ communities have become Super Stars via Social Media and YouTube. These platforms reach many within our culture abroad. Not taking the advantage to educate and elevate fans and followers by showing positive images of ‘My Black is Beautiful’ community is downright selfish. Today’s generation gravitates and idolizes the visual version on media platforms. It is the duty of us in the media and entertainment community to include African Culture from past history and how it affects us in the present. Truthful information is a Powerful Stepping Stone and tool to assist one with Loving Thy Self.

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